Early SASR English made Commando Knife awarded to best Soldier 1962 Carda.

Early SASR Sheffield English made Commando Knife awarded to the best student on the selection on the August Recondo 1962 Carda.

This is an early Australian SAS (Special Air Service) Commando knife made by one of the Sheffield makers at the time and is either J.Nowill, j.Adams or IXL.

This is a real historical piece which has the Soldiers name, rank, number etc on a plaque on the scabbard of the knife.

It is in remarkably good condition for age and it seems to have been gilded in silver for the presentation knife.

It is now almost 60 years old and is a part of Australian military history.

Call for details of history and soldier it was awarded to.

Cannot go to ACT or Victoria as it is double edged.




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