Ken Richardson Custom Handmade 3″ Blade Hunter with Turquoise and Cocobolo Inserts Deer Antler Handle & Custom Sheath

Model: 3″ Hunter Knife with Turquoise and Cocobolo Insert

  • 3″ Blade
  • Approx 5″ Handle
  • Approx 8″ Full Length
  • Cocobolo Handle Insert
  • Turquiose Handle Insert
  • Hunter Style Blade
  • 1085 Sprung Carbon Steel
  • Handle is made from genuine White Tail, Mule or Elk Deer Antler
  • Handmade in USA
  • Handmade Leather Scabbard

Handle is whitetail stag antler with brass fittings. Comes with a beautifully handmade sheath. Handmade in the USA. This is a unique knife and is very collectable.




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