Selling the AXE Collection: STRIDER USA C.R. Breaching Axe System with Khaki Cover

Strider CR Breaching Axe:

The description is as follows The CR works as a system. The base of which is a .285″ thick 6AL4V titanium head, with .775″ thick cantilevered S7 impact bits. S7 is an incredibly strong material, most commonly seen on “Jackhammer” bits. The CR bits pivot on .312″ dia 416 stainless steel custom made shoulder bolts that have been tapered and crowned to protect them from impact and abrasion. The system is designed to remove all stress on the bolts by letting the bits pivot on the head and strike a steel anvil (bit) against a titanium anvil (head). This is one great piece of equipment!

Blade Steel: S7 Steel

This is unused and in almost mint condition with just a few small marks on the steel near the head and storage marks on the Cover.

The cover is a Khaki/Sandstone Military Style cover with front clip and rear attachment clips.

Strider Knives
Strider Knives

Strider Knives is a privately owned and operated company devoted solely to the development and construction of edged tools designed to survive use in the harshest of conditions. The company was founded and is currently operated by former military personnel. The initial goal was to provide a field service knife constructed with the finest components available, yet affordable to the average enlisted man and within his maintenance abilities. The initial goal having been met, Strider Knives found a ready market for custom-edged weapons and tools with the same component quality requirements as the first highly successful field knives. Many of Striders available edged tools are drawn from customer’s specific design requirements. Others are simply the company’s ability to look at a potential work environment and design a prototype to be tested and assessed by the workers of that environment. The background of Strider Knives founders enables the company to assess requirements in diverse fields ranging from the average line soldier/marine through special operations, law enforcement and hunting to commercial diving. Various Strider designs have met and exceeded the requirements in each of these fields.

  • Condition: 96% Mint
  • These are now fetching over $1100 in the USA right now.

Post Australia Wide is $25.00 (Its heavy)

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