Puma IP 826392 Survival Knife with Ebony Hard Wood Handle

Puma Knife: Puma IP 826392 Survival Knife with Ebony Hard Wood Handle

Product information “PUMA IP survival with Ebony hard wood handle

The PUMA IP SURVIVAL is the ideal knife for every adventurer!

The SPOINT is so strong that it can also be used to open cans and crown corks. In the front the knife is very wide and heavy with a flat sharpened hammer surface: Hammer in nails, build tents, cut out sods to fill up deep lanes, self-defence, remove snow from under mudguards, roughen up ice when starting.

The long curved cutting edge is hair sharp to cut everything you need for camping. On the other side, the short, coarse Axe CUTTING : cutting brushwood, splitting firewood, crushing bones. WARNING : All rough work with the axe blade, the other blade will always remain sharp. Fine serrations at the bottom of the blade for tomatoes, sausage skin, etc. The thumb rest and crossbar are designed so that your hand can hold the knife securely and guide it powerfully. A high quality leather sheath is included so that you can take the knife with you anywhere.

Blade length: 153 mm
Blade thickness: 4,5 mm
Total length: 271 mm
Knife weight: 305 g
Scales: Ebony Hard Wood
Bolster: stainless steel
Steel / hardness: 1.4125 / 57-60 HRC
Sheath: Solid Black leather

All PUMA knives are manufactured from high-quality materials.

This model is very similar in design and shape to the Puma White Hunter Model Knife.

Due to the nature of Stag Antler, Bone and wood, handles may vary slightly in grain, colour and texture than that shown

 See website for more images and details: www.sportingoutbacksupplies.com.au

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